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Having a healthy and green lawn in Pooler, Rincon and other areas of Chatham and Effingham Counties requires a personalized and scientific approach.  

Southern Landscape Management provides the services below to help homeowners and businesses in the Coastal Empire achieve a healthy, green and beautiful property. 

  Commercial and Residential Lawn Care and Landscaping Services  

  • Commercial and industrial lawn care and landscaping
  • Residential lawn care and landscaping

  • Irrigation installs and maintenance
  • Mulching and ground cover
  • Fertilizer, weed control and aeration services 
  • Church campus and subdivision lawn maintenance

About Southern Landscape Management

Southern Landscape Management is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial lawn care company serving the Pooler, Rincon, Guyton, Savannah, and Garden City area.  

Southern Landscape Management team members are experienced lawn care providers that have studied turf grass, lawn care and other landscaping principles at Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College, University of Georgia sponsored agriculture continuing education courses and other industry certification and professional development programs. Southern Landscape Management is a proud member of the Pooler, GA Chamber of Commerce and the Urban Ag Council.  

At Southern Landscape Management, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services. It is our goal to make a positive impact in the Coastal Empire through consistently delivering superior service, working collaboratively with our clients, and serving the needs of our surrounding community.

Herbicide Application

Weeds and wild grasses are part of nature and are an unwelcome guest in a healthy, beautiful lawn. There are literally thousands of weed seeds lying dormant in all lawns. The proper use and application of herbicides can make your lawn as weed free and beautiful. A successful weed control program utilizes both pre-emergent and post emergent herbicides. Both the timing of application and rate of herbicide used is important in weed control.

Insecticide Application 

Lawns in coastal Georgia are susceptible to devastating insect damage. One of the most damaging insects in this area is the mole cricket. Mole cricket damage can be prevented by the correct and timely application of insecticides. While all lawns in our area are susceptible to mole cricket damage, those lawns in subdivisions are especially at risk due to the amount of turf grass in surrounding yards.

Fertilizer Application

 Beautiful lawns do not occur naturally. A beautiful lawn requires supplemental fertilization in additional to being protected from insects and weeds. One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner makes is over fertilizing their lawns. The majority of lawns in the Coastal Empire are centipede lawns which only require between 1 to 2 lbs of nitrogen annually. If centipede turf is over fertilized, the lawn will in a very short time suffer from centipede decline. It is important to fertilizer at the correct time; use the correct analysis and the correct amount.

Savannah, Georgia Lawn Care and Landscaping, serving the following areas:

  • Pooler, Georgia
  • Garden City, Georgia

  • Guyton, Georgia
  • Rincon, Georgia 

  • Port Wentworth, Georgia 
  • Savannah, Georgia 

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